Delusions Of Grandeur

Because we all need a strong playlist in order to prepare and start as best as we can the sunny days that are coming back, today we’re going to (re?)introduce [...]

Turbo Turbo - Saturate Mixtape

Saturate Mixtape

German duo, Turbo Turbo, have dropped a new mixtape named Saturate Mixtape. It includes S-File’s new track, Modulate, which was released on GND Records last week. TRACKLIST: 01. Kenny Keys [...]



Kevin Celestin a.k.a Kaytranada is a 20-year-old Canadian producer based in Montreal, Quebec.  In the beginning of the year, he made his first LP named Kaytra Todo and released on Jakarta Records. [...]


Warm Water

English producer Snakehips made a new remix of Banks’ track Warm Water. This masterpiece is available for free on Soundcloud. The second track is an interesting edit he made of [...]

Myd - Same Old Brand New You (ft Boston Bun)

Same Old Brand New You

It’s been a while since the last time we talked about Thibault Noyer a.k.a Boston Bun. The French producer has worked with Quentin Lepoutre a.k.a Myd on his new EP  Freak Andy. [...]


Lovin U

STWO (pronounced “Stew”) is a 20-year-old producer from Paris, France. He first wowed us five months ago with his original track, You, then followed it up with a three track debut [...]

Le Matos - La Mer des Possibilités


Le Matos is a Montreal based trio formed by Jean-Nicolas Leupi, Jean-Philippe Bernier and Vincent Menard. Earlier they dropped a few new tracks from their last EP Join Us. Le Matos – Overdog [...]

Dpat - In Bloom


23 year old, Houston, Texas native, Dpat dropped a new EP named In Bloom a few days ago.  Here is a short video made by J. Vash with the track Bloom. The EP [...]



CROWNS is an artist of the Keats Collective. His track Alexander was crafted from A Broken Heart Can Mend by Alexander O’Neal. CROWNS, Saint Pepsi, Harrison, and Dinosaurus Rex met [...]



Jamal Smith was born in Ohio but now lives in Philadelphia. He is one half of the LankyLadCrew a duo he formed with his best friend Josh Hey. Today I’d like [...]

Kid Francescoli -  Blow up

Blow Up

Kid Francescoli is a french band formed in 2000 by Mathieu Hocine in Marseille. Their track are a great melt of electro-pop and folk melting influences from Air, Grandaddy, Lee Hazlewood, [...]

Antimatter People - Mossy Grounds

Mossy Grounds

Antimatter People is a British band formed in London by Yehan Jehan, Elliott Arndt, Mikko Hirvikallio, Spencer Lezaja and Callum Brown. The band has planned a tour in United Kingdom from September 27th to November [...]